Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hello again,

I was on Ravelry Yesterday and spotted this Gorgeous think I, I must own one immediately! So here it is and just in case you feel the same here are the pattern notes.

Go on you know you want one, cast on immediately!

You will need 8mm needles

Approx 200g of very chunky yarn I used Debbie Bliss Como as I had it in stash.

Cast on 60 st.

Knit in Garter stitch till you run out of yarn. Mine measured 24" and I knit 145 rows.

Cast off.

Stitch the beginning to the End. Voila you have a cowl.

Now you just need cold enough weather to wear it.


  1. This is soooo cute! I love the way it looks on you, too! And so stylish. :-)

  2. That's really effective. Think I'd need a bit more yarn as i have very broad shoulders!!

  3. Almost makes me wish for winter! It's really lovely.

  4. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Thank you for this lovely, easy pattern. I'm going to make one for my mother, in the nursing home!

  5. oh how nice! Make sure you send me a photo of your Mother wearing it!


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