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Pronunciation: /ˈhɛktɪk/


1full of incessant or frantic activity: a hectic business schedule

2 Medicine, archaic relating to or affected by a regularly recurrent fever typically accompanying tuberculosis, with flushed cheeks and hot, dry skin.

Shibden Park

Hello my lovelies,
I can't quite believe how much time has gone by since I was last here.We have gone from winter to spring in the blink of an eye. But life is as the dictionary defination describes incessant activity ( rather than a fever) . I am working full time as a full time supply teacher, commuting several hours out of every day on the bus, learning to drive and of course the most important job looking after children and pets. This kind of activity although necessary leaves me a little frustrated, tired and a bit crochetey. I have been knitting but it seems a slow and labourious type of process as most of it is done early in the morning on the buses and is a forced activity rather than the fun it is supposed to be.
Dashings for Mario,Dashing
The Acer Cardigan, my third sweater of the year took weeks to sew up and put buttons on.
So this weekend I decided that it was time for a little me time, a little calm, I dusted off the sewing machine and with a little help from Oriana we made the cloth kits skirt that we cut out so long ago. We stitchedCloth kit skirt and I pressedCloth kit skirt. We laughed and had cuddles and Oriana modeled our efforts a perfect way of spending an afternoon.Cloth kits skirt
Enjoy your week
Arianwen xx


  1. Loving the Acer - fab colour. It really suits you :0)

  2. Your Acer looks fabulous! Things do sound pretty hectic there - thank goodness the Easter hols are almost here1 :)


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