Sunday, December 07, 2014

Go Team Christmas!

Well here they are. Three Christmas sweaters whoop! whoop!
I had hoped for snowy day pictures as that was what was predicted for today, but it wasn't to be. Bone numbing cold and blindingly bright sunshine was the order of the day.

These pictures were taken in my front garden, it almost looks green enough to be spring.

I love the fact that although they are all the same design they all look so different.

My son has the one closest in size to the original pattern. Although I left off the waist shaping for him. I wish I had made him the next size up because although he is a skinny boy, he is very broad in the shoulders and I honestly don't know if it will fit him this time next year.

The girls both have longer arms than the pattern suggested. These are a little too long on O and slip down onto her hand, but E claims they are the perfect length so hopefully it will be soon that O says the same.

They seem perfect for cosy, Sunday afternoon lounging which all teenagers love to do gadgets at the ready, pretty much any day of the week.

but sunshine at this time of year is at a premium so instead we ventured out and had a lovely mooch around Leeds admiring all of the shops and then we had a wander around the Christmas Market. Gorgeous street food, Bratwurst, Chips and pancakes all of which we sampled. Smells of mead and flavoured coffees which we didn't although I was tempted by both.

I loved these Christmas trees. I always insist on a real tree at home as I love the smell but I thought these were amazing, although my pictures don't do it justice these were great towers of sparkling baubles. Very festive.

Lovely stalls of Christmas Decorations.

Aren't these little NutCracker Soldiers so very cute? Maybe next year's Christmas Jumpers should have the NutCracker on them but then maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

Till next time


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  1. I love how your jumpers turned out. Great photos.


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