Sunday, September 03, 2006

catalogue man

Well I finshed my beloved's sweater on Friday during the day for a surprise for when he got in from work. Only for him to have doubts about the neck line when I showed him so, I unpicked it at made it longer so that it was a proper polo neck. It is a mixture of patterns from Kim hargreaves a Seasons Tale, I hadnt really realised before that the designs are all on a standard block but that is clever and a useful thing to know for changing things about for the fussy members of this family! Anyway here it is in catalogue pose funny heh?


  1. Wow it looks great!!!! I love what you did to the neck, I´m sure your hubby loves it now!!

  2. It looks fantastic, well done.

    I knitted my DH a jumper once, many years ago. He however never wears it as he's a real hot bod & it's a heavy aran. All that work & it lives in the wardrobe :(

  3. The last one i made him was about 8 years ago it is massive. I made it whilst he was at sea and was over enthusiastic as to how tall he actually is. It is more like a dress I know it is cold when he puts it on.


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