Sunday, February 11, 2007

79 Pence Pyjamas

Just before christmas I saw the pattern for a really beautiful kidmohair classic dressing gown by Jennie Atkinson. Anyway I couldn't make up my mind on what colour to knit it in so, thought I would look in the sales for some really nice nightwear and get inspired for a colour that way. The sales came and went and I didn't find anything. By this time I had convinced myself that I really did need some new pyjamas. The fabric for these was sent by my aunt from canada over 5 years ago to make baby clothes for the twins. She didn't know that my mil is a pj fiend and the kids always have tons of them. So the only thing I needed to make me some pjs was some lace. I went to my local sewing shop and found the perfect lace it was 79p a metre but they had less than a yard of it and I needed a yard and a quarter according to the pattern. So they ordered it for me and popped the remenant into a bag for me as a little freebie. When I went back the lace still hadn't arrived but they had another that I liked - it was £2.25 a metre. They let me have it for 79p a meter (yes I do spend a lot of money there!!) When I started making the pjs I tried out the remenant and it was a perfect size. So I got two pairs of pyjamas for 79 pence. Bargain don't you think?


  1. Wow - I wish I could use a sewing machine!

  2. I taught myself - it is far easier than wrestling with a crochet hook!

  3. Oh they are gorgeous, did you use a pattern?

    Hope you enjoy the Jam Doughnut Muffins, ours went very quickly.

  4. what a bargain!!!
    I'm still trying to get the hang of the sewing machine....
    your pjs are gorgeous!

  5. Love the jammies, what colour have you decided for the dressing gown?


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