Thursday, April 26, 2007

Computers Bah Humbug!

This post was gonna be wonderful two weeks in Belgium. I had it all planned. Then I got home and the computer's hard disk died as I turned it on. I am writing this at the local library. so although I can tell you stuff you will have to imagine it until my computer is back up and running and I can add pictures.
What I knit

I took three brand new knitting projects with me a 4ply cardigan in rib and cable. Opal socks with bells and an aran weight victorian lace shawl. The socks were gonna be for journeys the rib cardi for when people were chatting and the shawl for quiet moments. I finished one sock the eldest daughter tried it on and bounced around the house in it. Bells may have been a mistake it was as if we had been invaded by morris dancers. The cardigan I got two half sleeves done not very interesting to knit though the colour is pretty. The shawl was a free pattern from I bought the yarn from them on a whim. My husband had seen the shawl whilst I was looking and said he liked it. Anyone who hasnt bought from them try it the yarn is lama and wool and is soft enough to go next to bare skin. The pattern is really straight forward and could be done whilst talking and I finished it monday morning. Really beautiful and very warm I christened it last night.

What we saw
Loads! We travelled all over, one of the highlights was a day trip to Disneyland. It was a three and a half hour journey each way and the children didn't know we were going. We told them we were going to vist a friend of mine. We were parked in the car park when I told them my friends name was Walt Disney and daddy's friend was goofy. I was crying with laughter they weren't sure whether to believe us or not. We also went to Anne Franks house in Amsterdam. The last time I went was nearly twenty years ago and I know things change but I think that Otto Frank would be turning in his grave if he could see what they had done to the place. Last time was a very moving experience. This time was a slick comercial adventure a money making scheme with very little left of what the people went through. We visted the Atomium in brussels. It was disapointing as there wasn't any exhibitions inside and on top of the fee to get in they charged to use the toilet. If you are planning a trip there, don't bother paying to get in just look at it from the outside there is nothing inside to warrent the fee to get in.
what I bought

I visted the market and bought some fabric for making clothes beautiful stuff but more expensive than last time I went. some books on tarte making all in dutch but very yummy as the husband translates them I will put the recipes up here. I went to my favourite shop and bought a bear making kit a book of easter crafts and some fat quaters. Oh and I bought some beautiful cotton yarn and some wool and silk both which might be used on the Rowan Knitting exchange or maybe for something else have to see who my recipient is yet.

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  1. It's great to see the photos. The shawl looks very pretty


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