Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kniting in Public AKA a great weekend

Originaly I was going to spend Saturday in Leeds but when the BlueADT said she was hosting an event in Hull, I packed my bags. I have had a wonderful time. We sat in a shopping centre and I was forced to make this!! It is Opal ladybird a present last year from BlueADT
My first ever swatch. Surprisingly I haven't come out in hives so I might make one again. It was needed to make these . The ultimate in well fitting socks. I plan to do them in a mockery pattern .I just love the idea of mock ladybirds!

This beautiful rippling blue is going to be Juliet by Debbie Bliss I was knitting this to and from Hull on the train. It is in Rowan CashCotton Dk really lovely and soft.But,it sheds fibres a lot,a bit like hugging a blue cat, and I could see people all around the carriage itching their noses!

I even managed a couple of repeats of the edging on the melon shawl. It is taking a little longer than I anticipated.So I am really hoping I will be finished in time for the July 12th deadline.
All of the wonderful photo's on today's posting were taken to the sounds of laughter by the resident photographer in the BlueAdt household which I am very grateful for.

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  1. Glad you had a good time & it was lovely to have you to stay.

    Just very glad that Oscar didn't manage to damage anything!


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