Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Made in 2010

1. Vinelle, 2. Dyeing with KoolAid, 3. xmas Angel, 4. Elenya's Winter, 5. Elenya's Moon, 6. Yet another Moon, 7. Oriana's Misti Alpaca Moon, 8. A quilt for Evie-Rose, 9. Luna, 10. Delight, 11. Patience, 12. Inspired, 13. Anais, 14. Fruitella, 15. Bonita for you, 16. Bonita for me, 17. Inigo's Quilt, 18. Veyla, 19. Damson, 20. Afghan, 21. 009, 22. pussy cat tea cosy, 23. DSC03172, 24. 037, 25. Que Sera, 26. Daisy Buttons, 27. Owl, 28. School sweaters are finished!, 29. School sweaters are finished!, 30. Yoked Cardi, 31. needle roll prototype, 32. owl and the pussy cat, 33. 004, 34. Bliss, 35. 010, 36. 036

Hello everyone,
Well it Turns out that training to be a teacher takes more time than I thought:) Which is why I haven't been around much over the last couple of months. I have such a wonderful year and I feel truly grateful that I have been able to get onto this training course. I hope that your year has been as wonderful and eventful as mine and I hope that 2011 brings you everything that you need. Happy New year
Arianwen xxx


  1. And a Happy new year to you too xx

  2. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Hello there
    Very glad to hear you are doing your training -did think that might be why the blog had been quiet! Hope that you are enjoying the holidays.
    Take care.

  3. Happy New Year to you! And congratulations on all your gorgeous knitted things. You must be very proud of all you have accomplished this year. :-)

  4. Anonymous4:17 pm

    All your knits look fabulous! Very lovely work. And congrats on the training - how exciting!


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