Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hello my Lovelies,
well it is finished my Lovely Logan. LoganThe first completed item of 2012. It is funny but the first and the last made items of the year always seem the most special to me. It has become a tradition for me to cast on something special for me on Christmas day. This year I decided I couldn't afford to go and buy yarn for this tradition so I rummaged around in my stash. This one nearly didn't make it. I cast it on in a completely different colour (white) and a different yarn.Logan Four inches in and I knew it wasn't going to work. By the end of Christmas day it had gone to the frog pond. Another stash diving and I came up with a cone of soft grey. As soon as I cast it on I knew it was perfect the cables just popped. I am so pleased with how this has turned out especially as it is made from stash. I made the smallest size but because my tension was slightly different to the recommended yarn, the sweater has turned out less fitted than the original but is so warm and snuggely.Just perfect for windy winter days.I was a bit disapointed that I couldn't splash out more yarn but there is somehow a lot of satisfaction out of be able to use up what I already have. LoganI am going to carry on trying to down size my stash as well as whiping the wips. Noyeaux is back on the needles so expect another taa daa very soon.
Arianwen xx


  1. That's gorgeous (I soooo don't need to add any more jumpers to my Rav queue, but I feel I must!)

  2. Very pretty! All those cables are awesome!

  3. Lovely jumper and a lovely big old ginger cat - is that "your Thug"? :)

  4. Lovely jumper and a lovely big old ginger cat - is that "your Thug"? :)


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