Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Take a Peek

Hello, can you believe what I woke up to this morning?
Take a closer look yep it really is snow! 005We have about four inches, it was fairly trecherous this morning but the roads are now clearing. I am glad I am on holiday and don't have to venture outside. Instead I have made ( and eaten large amounts of) a blueberry cake.Blueberry Cake. I didn't have enough icing sugar to make the spectacular icing suggested - cream, icing sugar and vanilla in a boiler. So I had to botch it but no matter it is delicious. I have finished and blocked Emilie which is good as the sleeves somehow seemed to take forever and cast on a shawl. Yes I do already have quite a few wips on the go but I just couldn't resist. I bought the pattern a while back and then a lot of really nice versions have shown up on Ravelry. The Shawl is called Cloud Illusions and the yarn is dream in colour Starry. I was given the yarn last year as part of the rowan tree exchange and I have been pettin it ever since. Can you see the silver sparkles? StarGazerI am going to team it with silver beads I think it is going to look amazing. Lets hope it lives up to my expectations.
Arianwen xx


  1. Well if i knew you had made cake!

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