Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Holidays are Coming!

 I know such a long time between posts. But we are moving towards my favourite time of year.

I have made Christmas cake and mince meat and more importantly, I am knitting again!! Though I think I have taken on more than is humanly possible. I have promised Christmas sweaters, not one but three. I am using a drops pattern 122-43 ,I just love the reindeer and as the drops Nepal is a bargain at £1.50 a ball I am using it. I have to say I am really impressed. It is warm and cosy with great stitch definition. It is also knitting up really quickly so unless I lose momentum I might actually make it.

It seems to be going further than the pattern indicated so maybe I will have time for the odd Xmas hat. So for those of you infused with the Christmas spirit, happy knitting!
A xx


  1. Good to see you back blogging, and very best of luck with the christmas sweaters. If anyone can get them done, you can.

  2. I've seen the christmas sweaters on R. : they will be amazing!


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A x

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