Saturday, April 14, 2018

Whoa Nellie!

Don't get me wrong I would never look a gift horse in the mouth, but if I have paid for something and I believe it to be substandard I am going to get annoyed fairly quickly and the Republique du Chiffon Nellie made me feel just that!

I think that they have some beautiful designs in their repertoire and have been eyeing up the Suzon blouse since last summer. So when a couple of my friends decided that they would put together a challenge for Nellie I decided to give it a go. The pattern was 9 euro's which is fairly normal for a pdf although you don't get the choice on how you print it. Anyone who knows me, knows I am A0 all the way I hate cut and stick!

Although I would have to say that they all fit together really well.

So I started cutting out my size and then realised that there aren't any seam allowances added to the main bits of this pattern. What?! In this day and age when I am printing and cutting it myself you haven't added seam allowances??? So I then retraced it adding seam allowances.

I then start looking closely at the pattern ...there aren't any pattern markings, notches or button placement on the pattern either! Not really goo enough for a pattern that you have paid for but Ok, I think, I am experienced I've got this!

At the end of a frustrating day I had a blouse that looked like this ( it is now in the bin)

Hmmm!My beautiful fabric, I could of cried!

After a very sleepless night,I went stash diving, starting again in the morning from scratch. This is the result. The ruffles aren’t as well executed on this one as the first. But I have to confess I rushed it this time around!

Anyway I am sure , like a few of my friends, I have now wet your appetite enough to want to try this for yourself. Do you think you will Join the #RDCNelliechallenge on Instagram?

If So these are my observations.

The pattern says: measure yourself naked Do Not measure yourself naked the top will not fit over your bra!

When I remeasured over my clothes I chose a size slightly bigger Which was Size 42. This is a 92 cm bust. then added another 3cm to each of the sides and to the bottom. I used an over locker on them without cutting any off. As you can see this came out at a 44 inches (112 cm) which is 8cm larger than the biggest size. Although nowhere does it actually give you what size the actual garment will be! 

The pattern suggests 1cm seam allowance, I went for the industry standard and added 1.5cm around the other bits of the pattern

The pattern says : "Attach the finishing tape to both armholes. If you need any help, a free technical sheet “La bande de propret√©” is available on website’s Journal, under “Tutoriels et techniques”.

Personally as I just paid them 9 Euro's I feel that they should give me the information in the pattern. I was even less impressed when I realised these notes are in French and I don't speak french. You can probably work it out from the pictures but luckily if you need tips, Lauren Guthrie and Lisa Comfort both have good tutorials online to help you with this.

So after a busy, stressful couple of days I have a pretty summer top. I did tell you I thought the designs were nice!

However ,if you are wondering why after all that why it doesn't have buttonholes? My buttonhole foot fell apart, I think my stress levels were starting to rub off on it.

Till Next time happy stitching


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