Sunday, March 11, 2007

Debbie Bliss Cardigan is finished!

I finished this last week. It was lovely to make, silk and alpaca warm and soft. The last day of knitting was a real panic when i realised how short all of the pieces were. The sleeves came half way up my arm. I had a brainstorming session with a friend as to how i was gonna make it fit. Crocheted edges in another colour was the only solution but press it first and see what happened. The sleeves were still on the needles when I pressed the rest which grew masses. I wonder how much it will grow when it is washed. Anyway this is me holding my belly in - at Mario's request.


  1. I really love this one, so pretty and feminine

  2. Beautiful colour, I hope it behaves it's self when it's wet and you can block it back into size. It must be the silk that grows not the alpaca.

  3. Gorgeous!!! You look wonderful in it!!!

  4. That's really pretty ! And a gorgeous colour :0)

  5. Ohhh yummy!

    I have some of this alpaca silky stuff in my stash ....I'm tempted!


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