Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snow Globes for Adults.

after my last post I have to tell you I was feeling pretty smug after all my jam making. The cupboard is full, well at the moment it is but, the children are going through the first couple of jars pretty fast.

Anyway I had little pop around blogland and saw lots of other yummy foody things I spotted lots of lovely potatos and beans which all looked delicious but, if I wanted beans I should of got busy ages ago. Then I popped into Hen House and she was making cherry vodka.

Well,although I do have a cherry tree it would be a mamouth task to go to pick them as the tree is larger than the house. So as a rule I just leave them to the birds. What to do I really wanted pretty jars like Hen. But then I had an idea, what about raspbery vodka? I found a recipe on-line, juggled it a bit to fit my jars and voila! Very pretty jars and unlike the jam it lends itself to hours of entertainment as you need to shake them in order to disolve the sugar the perfect adult snow globe.
Raspberry vodka

Enjoy the rest of your week

Arianwen xx


  1. Libby7:14 pm

    Sounds very nice!!! I might just have to try that!

  2. Anonymous7:24 am

    That sounds fabulous... last year I did damson vodka, and it is very, very good indeed. Hope the rasp version is equally wonderful!

  3. The jars look lovely.

  4. Looks very pretty! It's always a struggle to keep up with the jam making - we failed miserably last year, and ran out far too early.

    Pomona x

  5. Loving your vodka snowdomes. Fabulous idea!


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