Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mmmay16 week one.

Well what a glorious week we have had here in Yorkshire.
The sun is shining , it is warm and if this was a video you would be able to hear the most exquisite bird song.
It is also the end of the first week of Mmmay16 and I have to say, I have really enjoyed  myself. My promise was to wear something handmade each day during the week. I have surpassed myself and managed 6 days.

Day 1 Newlook 6301
I was planning on taking selfies but it turns out not only am I terrible at it, but actually have to stand in the bath in order to see anything. I think I need to put a full length mirror on my wish list.

Day 2 The Honeybee cardigan

Day 3 The Ultimate  Pencil Skirt and Liberty fabric blouse,

Can you see how creased the fabric is? A bit off putting,but I am hoping a slip underneath will sort it out.

Day 4 The Kate Dress and Audrey in Unst Cardigan

I honestly love this dress it is so comfy and I got told it looked very Boden,high praise indeed!

 Day 5 Audrey in Unst again

Day 6 Sarah Shirt 

So the first week has taught me that I probably don't think about what I wear enough. I own a lot of blue greens. And I definitely don't have enough clothes for summer handmade or otherwise.
My machine went into the Menders yesterday and I have spent the whole weekend thinking I will just see this... Anyway today I cut out a couple of garments in anticipation of when I get it back. 
And then I started planning something else. Here is a sneaky peek.

 So till next time Ax

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