Saturday, January 31, 2015

1 Love Sewing

well as promised a post on sewing. I am getting more sewing done at the moment and I have several little projects that I have made in the last few weeks and I was going to show you. Then last Sunday as we were wandering around the local supermarket I spotted a new sewing magazine, Love Sewing. Now I have pretty much stopped buying magazines, however I decided that I could justify it with the free pattern that it had attached. It was all sealed but I hurriedly opened it and started reading it in the car on the way home ( no I wasn't driving).
There are lots of good ideas for projects but also lots of fabric inspirations which is always nice to be pointed in the right direction of nice fabrics.
One of the patterns inside was a little tartan skirt, it really caught my eye as I have lots of fabric in stash that would make gorgeous little skirts, I would only need a zip and some bias binding, I stocked up in the week.

The fabric that first came to mind was a herringbone that I picked up in our local Oxfam Shop about 12 years ago for £2.50. I know, right, a bargain! I actually have enough for a couple of skirts but the first one was for E. She got back from uni last night and I confirmed she liked it. It being the pattern and the fabric. Would she wear it? Yes, on the proviso that it was made shorter.

Of course you can't do anything in this house without Cat help. Molly and Percy thought it was all fascinating. Within a couple of minutes Percy had stuck his teeth through the pattern.

They had both had a little sleep on the fabric whilst I re-traced the bottom skirt panel onto greaseproof paper I took about 3 inches off of the bottom.

and then with the help of Percy and Molly I and cut it all out.

Molly gave up at this point, but Percy helped me until the end.

The pattern was super easy to follow and I love the tip about using bias binding on the hem, it certainly made it easier than the usual bias hem.

I think the whole thing took me less than 5 hours, so not bad for an evening's work ( of course I would probably have been a lot slower without my helpers).

The skirt's yoke and hem is hand-sewn as are the buttons onto the faux pockets. and the rest is done on the machine. The buttons came from Mamie's button box so I am fairly certain the whole thing cost less than a tenner. Which let's face it is a bargain!

Both E and I are pretty chuffed at how it turned out although I think the patterns sizing is pretty generous which means that an inch off all the way around would definitely have made for a more fitted skirt.But I think this one will get lots of wear and I am already planning the next ones.

So that is me for now.

Happy Crafting
A xx

Thursday, January 22, 2015

1 Fickle

how has your January been so far? Mine has been a bit odd on some fronts but I am hopeful it is all going to settle down now. On the craft front, I have been busy! Busy, but a little bit fickle judging by all that I have to show you I can't seem to really settle to anyone thing. I have been knitting and sewing planning and plotting but I decided to just show you the yarn based activities in this post.

On Monday on Ravelry 20 weeks CAL. I bought a Lucy Pack of style craft when I was at Yarndale earlier in the year. I always go a bit crazy at the shows and come home with stuff I will probably never use. I pretty much never use acrylic my only exception being the Red Heart Soft that I have picked up in Canada which feels soft and not unlike the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. The Stylecraft is a different story I have to say I don't really like the yarn. It has the dreaded squeak and it feels rough to work with however it does redeem itself by having pretty colours and being cheap! This is clue one and two which were released together.

M's tank top is still on the needles. I was faithful to it all through December but I am definitely starting to lose momentum. I reached the armholes last night and up until today had thought I would steek it but honestly I don't think I can face the extra stitches. Lazy huh? M keeps asking why it is taking so long but I think considering the size of it it is not too badly paced.

Whether I will stay motivated for another 19 weeks remains to be seen, but I am looking forward to doing the next bit on Sunday.

I got this little bracelet as a kit for a Christmas pressie from my friend Monica. I have been burying it in piles since then, thinking yes I will get around to that at some point. Yesterday as I was about to move it again I thought why not cast on. I was a bit apprehensive at the idea of getting the beads placed correctly but it turns out that wherever you put them, they look good.

Then as I wandered around Ravelry I found a beautiful sweater called Snowflowers I love it and I kept going back to it. It is not often that I really love something but there is a problem. I decided for my New Years Resolution not to make anything straight from a knitting pattern. Which left me in a bit of a dilemma with regards to Snowflowers. So I decided to chart out the flowers and make the sweater up from the pictures of other peoples' projects. I have only done a couple of rows but I am pleased with it so far. I really do love working with the Drops Nepal it is so cosy and warm. I am hoping it will work otherwise I will just have to weaken and buy the pattern.

Till next time

A x

Saturday, January 03, 2015

0 So near....

Hello and a happy new year to you all. 
As you can see I have been fairly busy. This is my wartime farm sleeveless pullover otherwise known as a tank top :) I picked up the yarn about a year ago at Harrogate, but wasn't quite happy with the colour choice ( it never seems to work too well if other people help you does it?) So it ended up frogged a couple of times.
Then M decided he was getting fit and it came off the needles again and was cast on again at the beginning of December in a smaller size . I am still making a 46 inch chest with extra length which on a 3mm needle  which really is a labour of love! I had hoped to be divided for the armholes by now but I have two more repeats to go, luckily I am really enjoying watching the patterns emerge.
I just wish I had thought to do a jogless join. I am hoping when it has been washed and blocked that you won't notice the jog.Anyway until my next instalment happy knitting!
A xx

Thursday, December 11, 2014

2 A Sneak Peek.

it truly is winter now. Long cold nights and dark days. I had decided that I was going to have a break from knitting. That idea lasted probably less than a day before something else was on the needles. However I just haven't been organised in daylight hours to take photos. So I thought I would show you something else.

Way back in the summer, I took part in the RowanTree exchange on ravelry. This time rather than casting someone else's pattern I had an idea. I was rather obsessed by the Game of Thrones Books. That and I had some delicious Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin in Pesto in my stash. I started drawing out ideas and dabbling with beads? A few weeks and a lot squared paper later and I cast off my little idea. It had just been going to be for the exchange but people started to contact me, they also wanted to knit my little idea.

What about you? could you tempted?


Sunday, December 07, 2014

1 Go Team Christmas!

Well here they are. Three Christmas sweaters whoop! whoop!
I had hoped for snowy day pictures as that was what was predicted for today, but it wasn't to be. Bone numbing cold and blindingly bright sunshine was the order of the day.

These pictures were taken in my front garden, it almost looks green enough to be spring.

I love the fact that although they are all the same design they all look so different.

My son has the one closest in size to the original pattern. Although I left off the waist shaping for him. I wish I had made him the next size up because although he is a skinny boy, he is very broad in the shoulders and I honestly don't know if it will fit him this time next year.

The girls both have longer arms than the pattern suggested. These are a little too long on O and slip down onto her hand, but E claims they are the perfect length so hopefully it will be soon that O says the same.

They seem perfect for cosy, Sunday afternoon lounging which all teenagers love to do gadgets at the ready, pretty much any day of the week.

but sunshine at this time of year is at a premium so instead we ventured out and had a lovely mooch around Leeds admiring all of the shops and then we had a wander around the Christmas Market. Gorgeous street food, Bratwurst, Chips and pancakes all of which we sampled. Smells of mead and flavoured coffees which we didn't although I was tempted by both.

I loved these Christmas trees. I always insist on a real tree at home as I love the smell but I thought these were amazing, although my pictures don't do it justice these were great towers of sparkling baubles. Very festive.

Lovely stalls of Christmas Decorations.

Aren't these little NutCracker Soldiers so very cute? Maybe next year's Christmas Jumpers should have the NutCracker on them but then maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

Till next time


Tuesday, December 02, 2014

1 Nearly there!

So are you feeling festive? I am ! We haven't got a tree yet but the advent calenders are hanging, lights in windows are sparkling and all of my little reindeer are racing around the yokes of my sweaters. Yep,I can't quite believe it but I am nearly finished, Three Christmas sweaters! I must admit the six sleeves was a bit of a struggle, by the last one I was definitely slowing down.

I was knitting merrily away on Sunday morning fixing the last of the last of the sleeves to the bodies and M finally asked how many sweaters I was actually making. I had assumed that he had realised that amount of yarn in a basket would make a lot of sweaters! Indeed I pretty much have enough for another very stripey sweater for me not that I think I want a stripey sweater but you get the idea.

I just love these little reindeer don't you? They are so cheerful and I can't wait to give you a proper look at the sweaters at the weekend just after everyone has tried them on.

Enjoy the rest of your week
A x

Thursday, November 20, 2014

0 A little update...

I know, I know twice in one month it is almost un-heard of on this blog! But I am really excited about how these little lovelies are progressing and I wanted to share ( well actually I wanted to share every five minutes but I thought you might get a little bored)

The dark grey yarn and the rest of the white arrived on Saturday and I knit as fast as I could over the weekend hoping that I would get it all finished for Monday. It didn't happen but I am really happy with the results so far. I am hoping for a sleeve a day so hopefully by this time next week I will have started the first yoke.

Here are some close ups of the beginnings of the fair isle tops. They all look quite different though on the light grey there is a reason for that....

Can you see the deliberate mistake on the top of the light grey one? I answered the door as I went onto the next round and didn't realise until I had finished what I am now calling the snowballs. I like the fact that it is different it makes each of them unique I just hope I can re-create it for the top of the sleeves.

The red one is the most true to the original pattern, two shades of the same colour very subtle.

Anyway till next time happy knitting
Arianwen x
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