Sunday, May 01, 2016

The start of mmmay16

 Well I am just signing in for my say something Sunday. I can't really show you very much as I haven't taken very many pictures. I have been too busy sewing and planning.
This is the reason why , I signed up to me made May 2016 and my pledge is this.  

When I signed up on the second of April, I did think that it would be fairly straight forward. Not so much now, I might of bitten off more than I can chew!  My sewing machine has been behaving like a prima Donna ever since I signed up and next weekend I plan on taking it for a service. This weekend, I am frantically sewing, with everything crossed that my machine doesn't chew too much of my fabric. 
Yesterday I cut out and made the ultimate pencil skirt by Sew over it.
I bought both the pattern and the gorgeous cotton sateen from sew over it's online shop. So lovely and simple. It came wrapped in pretty turquoise paper and a hand written note- a present to myself 😀. It was a super easy sew, even if my poor old machine was groaning all the way through it. The only thing I would say is that the pattern is super generous with the amount of fabric it thinks you will need. It states 1.3m and they sell in half metres so I ended up with 70 cm left over.. So another skirt soon. This skirt though, there is only one word to describe it. Sexy with a capital S! 

Today's endeavour was the Kate dress
I saw a gorgeous version of this earlier in the month ,somewhere on the internet, blue with tiny white spots and I just had to have it! I found my copy of the pattern in EBay. The fabric was a gift from my friend Sarah and it was instant love. Lucky me! Perfect fabric + pattern means  I love this dress!!!  Several of the other jersey dresses I have made recently were a bit roomy in the sleeves and arm holes, but this one is perfect for me. it is is just the thing to take you from work to school run and back again!

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