Thursday, April 05, 2012

Childish Gasps and smartie Trees

Smartie Tree
Well Easter is nearly upon us and I don't know about you but to me that means CHOCOLATE!!!. When I was a child, chocolate, sweets of any kind were a real luxury item. My dad was diabetic so no sweets or biscuits were kept in the house ever. At Christmas my stocking contained a slab of toffee and maybe if I was lucky my grandmother Mamie would bring me and my sister some smarties. Easter was wonderful brightly, foil wrapped chocolate eggs filled with jelly tots or smarties. We were always taken to the shop to chose one. I used to save mine and my sister ate hers as fast as possible. When I was 10 we came to Yorkshire to visit Mamie and she bought me a quality street egg. I can't remember how that egg tasted but I remember the cardboard box it came in. It was cream and line drawings of victorian ladies and gents danced around and around. I kept that box for a lot of years it was that special.
My children have a very different relationship with chocolate and sweets. There are always biscuits in the house and usually chocolate too. The chocolate bought in bulk when we go to Belgium or brought in the back of the car by Oma and Opa. The Easter Bunny comes to our house. The children don't even wake us now for the hunt. Elenya turns off the alarm and out into the garden they go to find the loot. It is brought back into the house divided into equal piles and then much of it languishes until I melt it and they dip fruit into it.
Anyway my last week at work one of the ladies mentioned her friend Kelly was making sweet trees. Any sweets you would like I thought it would be a good idea, Smarties of course. It arrived at school on the last day of term and brought it home on the bus.
Smartie Tree
It was worth the effort it brought gasps of excitement from all of the children. They have admired it,carried it around the house finding the best place to display it ( I personally think it looks great on my CK tablecloth) bragged of it to their friends and now they are eating smartie by smartie. I have spoken to Kelly and she assures me that it is ok to put her mobile number on here in case you want a tree of your own. 07413763156 My children are thinking malteaser trees. But I am still thinking jelly tots and smarties.
Smartie Tree
Arianwen xx


  1. Anonymous12:14 pm

    That is the most gorgeous chocolatey thing I've seen this Easter and now I'm hankering after one myself. No, must be strong...


  2. Anonymous10:50 am

    Gosh can't get over that smartie tree. I don't eat sweets or much chocolate but I have to say smarties do get my vote. How on earth does she make them?

  3. i love it .
    thanks :)

  4. only woooowwww :-)


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