Monday, May 21, 2007

Jingle bells..........I think the teachers are gonna hate me!

Well here are the first pair of jingle bell socks. I have promised a pair each to the other two smalls in the house. This whole venture may have been a mistake as they are incredibly loud! The proud owner of these says she is going to wear them to school on the very next non-uniform day. I shall expect the phone call of complaint from her teacher about lunch time. She also plans to wear them whilst on roller blades. I think that is probably quite a good thing to wear them for - everyone will hear her coming


  1. They look fantastic but one was loud I can imagine that two would drive you barmy!

  2. I love, love, love, love, love them. I would wear them to school too. Now, what she needs to do is learn to play a song with them!!!!!

  3. Wow!! Those socks are absolutely fantastic. Both the design and the colours. They look great. Is it your own pattern?

  4. Thanks for your comments! And thanks for the info. Although I've got Opal in my stash and have made socks from their pattern none of my yarn has the depth of colour that yours has and I don't think would look as effective as yours. I shall look harder in yarn shops!
    What a good idea for Christmas presents! I know quite a few little girls who would love these.

  5. They look fab, and I love the idea of her rollerblading whilst jingling away!


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