Monday, January 29, 2007

love is like a butterfly!

Well I finished the quilt top and I have to say I love it. The bluegreen world's butterfly quilt was my inspiration - it is subtle and delicate. Mine is loud and in your face. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any fabrics but, just use what I had. There are aproximately 60 different fabrics used and I kept my promise. My stash has hardly been touched. shame as Doughty's coming to town and I know I will be tempted.


  1. Absolutely stunning.

  2. It's beautiful and even more stunning in real life.
    It will change again though when it's quilted. You can really influence how subtle or bright it is depending how much you quilt it and what colour/s thread you use. Mine was much much brighter before it was quilted.

  3. It's truly beautiful!
    It's lovely, Arianwen!!


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