Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet Molly.

Well today hasn't exactly been the Sunday I had in mind. We had a leisurely start pottering about then there was a banging on the door and my mum had arrived carrying a little brown bundle. At first I thought she was holding a little hedgehog but it turned out to be a very tiny kitten.
A quick wash of her very sticky eyes and a syringe of egg nog were partaken of before we rushed off to the emergency vet. She is about 5 weeks and has conjunctivitis. So I am now in charge of eye bathing and putting in drops which I know she is going to hate me for. She isn't eating solids yet but we have picked up some kitten formula from the vets and she seems to have grasped how to lap from a spoon. She is so tiny a very big name wouldn't have worked so for now she is called Molly.

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