Sunday, February 24, 2008

Behold the Tilted Duster.

Some of the comments I have had via email from friends who don't knit have been hilarious. Was it a new type of cleaning product? How did it work? It just shows that knitters and non knitters speak a completely different language. Mind you the skirt is knit to the fronts and the back then you add the sleeves.
I had just finished the skirt and I had a panic that I had actually sewn the fronts the wrong way round. If that had been the case it would definitely have ended up as cleaning cloths. It has taken me ages to complete - mainly because there is a photo in the Interweaveknits magazine that makes the model look really stoop shouldered. I figured if it did this to a young model it really wouldn't be that kind on anyone older. The yarn also felt a little bit stringy when I was knitting with it. The finished article is really soft not at all itchy. I am wearing it with a vest top without the urge to scratch. It is also really elegant and seems to look as nice with jeans as it does with a skirt. The only thing I would do differently is the placement of the button holes. If i was doing it again I would put the first button hole lower to stop it gaping.
This is my Friday skirt so called because I whipped it up on Friday. I was rummaging about in Mamie's button collection and decided to use the white shiney ones as decoration. I didn't have quite enough for what I originally wanted to achieve but I am quite pleased with the result. It was very theraputic arranging the buttons. The fabric was left overs from some outfits I made for the kids a couple of years ago.

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