Monday, October 08, 2007

Hint one -Aristocracy

Well at least I think that is the answer to the first hint of The Secret of the Stole. It has been a very straight forward pattern so far, I am not sure if that is because the MS3 was like a baptism of fire in the chart reading department or because the Nautical knitter has kindly added a stitch count to each row where there are more than 10st before a change in pattern. A very good idea as you don't have to stop and count. I am putting my beads on with a crochet hook for the is one as well although it is a little fiddly I do think in the long run it is easier as again you don't have to stop and move beads along. If you are wondering why it isn't straight on the needle that is because of the cellotape holding the needle together from when Oriana stood on it. I did toy with the idea of sending off for another pair but with yet another postal strike underway, they may not arrive until the stole is finished.

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