Sunday, January 07, 2007

Meet Waffle!

This is Waffle she "got borned" in about march last year. I bought her as a kit from a lovely shop in brugge. The children named her because of her fat belly, she admits (as most Belgians do) to liking waffles. I have wanted to make her something to wear for quite a while and not got around to it. Anyway here she is in her hat and scarf I haven't yet got around to making her a dress though I have some lovely fabric left over from the twins that I will make matching boy and girl outfits for her and her brother Belgo. Mario raises eyebrows at making bears, naming bears and dressing bears! May well have a heart attack when he realises they have personalities! Anyway - here she is feeling very camera shy!


  1. Beautiful bear!

    Didn't DH have a bear when he was a boy? You're only doing them for your children, can't he see that?????

  2. She is gorgeous. Is that the sock wool you used for the hat and scarf? Looks very nice.
    I also love the cushion she's sat on!

  3. Waffle is a lovely teddy, and doesn't she look splendid in her new hat and scarf. I have a treasured handmade mohair ted that I bought in Paris, I love him dearly.

  4. Dear all thank you for your lovely comments. She is the second bear that I have made and have promised myself that I will be making another one this year. The cushion is one I made earlier is is in chenilled cotton and reverse applique. I actually really wish that I had made two.

  5. Ohhhh I LOVE Waffle!!!!


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