Monday, January 15, 2007


Well I have been quite industrious since the begining of January. I have finished the back and nearly completed the fronts on my Debbie Bliss AlpacaSilk Cardigan. The butterfly quilt that I had managed 1/12 butterflies on now has a grand total of 9/12 and I am hoping to finish them all this week. I have started my Beth Russell Hare tapestry and am quite pleased with the results as it is the first time I have worked from a chart. But unfortunatley the camera seems to be on its last legs and I cant show you any of them!

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  1. Gosh, you sound very industrious, can't wait to see the products.

    I like the idea of typing cats. Are they trying to send messages to eachother? Spies of the catworld? Perhaps Oakley was surfing for evidence of this cat underworld? Perhaps I should stop daydreaming and get on with dinner, tee hee.


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