Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Knitting is Ridiculous!

I thought of various titles for this blog post déjà vu, seeing double that sort of thing but when I started to take photos I realised how crazy I am beginning to look!

The beginning of the Easter holidays I cast on the Alice top but wasn't very happy with the tension from pretty much the get go the Bamboo stretches like crazy and on the lacy pattern I can fit my fingers through the holes probably not a good look for any type of top. Any sensible person would have ripped it out straight away not me it seems. I finished until it separated for under the arms before I decided I wanted to try it on a smaller needle – which I didn't have.
Feeling incredibly frustrated that my lovely Easter project wasn't going quite as I had envisaged I sent off for a new Addi needle. Whilst I was waiting for my needle to arrive instead of knitting one of the numerous wip's that live in my front room, I cast on Que Sera from this edition of knitty.

I got the tension for the Rowan Handknit cotton on the recommended 5mm but it looked like a string vest so I decided that I would do it on a 4.5mm. Excellent plan except in order for this to work I would have had to go up a dress size which I didn't do so now I have half a cardiganwhich though it will do up makes me look like a blue sausage!
Would be a shame to rip it out especially as I have done so much work thinks I. So I have left it and yes you guessed it cast on again hoping against hope that I have enough yarn to make two pairs of sleeves. Then my Addi's arrived so I have again cast on Alice I definitely like the tension on this version better though I must remember to go up a dress sizeJ



  1. Anonymous8:32 pm

    phew, it's really hard to keep up! don't know how you manage to remember all the different patterns.

  2. Love the pattern repeat in the last picture, and the colour.( If the cardi is big go with it. Just call it a 'boyfriend' style!)
    I hate ripping things out, and end up giving things away if it doesn't fit at the end...

  3. littlebluetortoise6:23 pm

    I can't believe you are knitting all these blue things! Keep with them they are looking good :)

  4. Love the cornflower blue! Too bad about the bamboo--I've had stretching problems, too, and now avoid it entirely. Sigh. Surely it will be lovely in the end. :-)

  5. Very pretty knitting! I hate it when things don't go the way I'd like, especially when I don't have the right needles!


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