Sunday, August 20, 2006

holiday knitting

Well I didnt get as much done on my butterfly as I wanted. Every time I got it out somebody had to talk to me!But it does look pretty so far, I am making the dress definately but I am still undecided as to whether I want to make a double hem frill or not it. I am really not sure that it needs it but I will put the two that I have together when they are finished and decide.
The up side is that I made the back and two sleeves on Mario's jumper no mean feat as he is 6ft4' which is xl + a little bit by rowan standards. I would have liked to have made a patterned one but the yarn was a bargain end only 1100 g so I darent risk it, maybe next time.


  1. You managed to knit a lot!!! It´s not easy to knit with people and children around you, especially when it comes to Butterfly... it requires so much concentration! I´m looking forward to your progress!! and the color is pretty similar to mine!

  2. yes i thought they are fairly similar i think yours might be a little more green and mine a little more blue but both yummy


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