Thursday, February 21, 2008


As some of you know I live in the house that my Dad grew up in and I visited continually during my childhood. Every piece of furniture and smell within the four walls reminds me of my Grandmother, Mamie and of my dad. Both have been gone a long time now. The kitchen is basic, no worktop, no fitted cupboards and no dishwasher. Usually when the kids are baking I move them into the dining room so that they can circle the table. But occasionally I bake. I bake in the kitchen and every childhood memory floods back as I remember stirring frantically batter and cake mixtures perched precariously on top of Mamie's spinner rinse. As I pour my muffin batter into the cases I can almost hear Mamie commenting in the backround as she watches what I am making. I bought the book Muffins Galore on a whim on monday. It has been worth its £5 already as it has brought back such happy memories. Not to mention delicious blueberry muffins!


  1. People who were dear to us live on in our memories, don't they? Those muffins look delicious!

  2. Those muffins WERE delicious

  3. Your muffins look so yummy! I love to be reminded of good times and precious memories. Reading your post made me remember some of my childhood memories. Thank you.


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