Sunday, August 27, 2006


Just a quick update, I have been too busy for knitting this week. Last night I was in Borders bookshop in Leeds. I saw this book it has a beautiful pink dress in it which would look great under the butterfly. I didnt want to take it around the cinema with me but I shall definately have to have it sometime soon!Today however was my knitting circle so I started the front of Mario's jumper. I would have liked to do some on my butterfly but I didnt feel i could spend the whole afternoon shushing everyone.


  1. If the book is anything like the cover, then it is a must have!!!
    I´m preparing a little thank you package for you, do let me know if you would like me to send you a copy of the cute lacy sweater in VK. I´m still looking forward to seeing your butterfly! Cheers

  2. yes please to the cardigan pattern! it is really sweet! I just signed up for the interweaves magazine but the stuff seems to take ages to arrive!

  3. Tomorrow I´ll make the copy and I´ll send it right away!

  4. Hi again! Today noon I posted the photocopy for you!! They told me it would take around 2 weeks to get there.


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