Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What I did with two hours off or what I have put off until the last minute!

I bought the materials for this little tea cosy whilst I was in Belgium and had planned to have it finished by today for a friend's birthday. Trouble was I kept putting it off as the instructions were in Danish. Anyway, today loomed and I had got two of the cosies cut out (This is a habit from having twins why make one in half the time when you could have two........) but,I hadn't got any further. I knew I had an hour this afternoon but wasnt really sure that was enough time - luckily the gods were smiling on me and a mindee's mummy turned up early so I had a bit more time. I really liked the little rabbit. I know it is usually a dormouse in a tea pot but it was easter when I bought the pattern book. There are lots of other lovely things in the Tilda book stuffed bunnies, lambs, small quilts and bags and it seems the diagrams are straight forward enough you dont have to be able to read Danish so I shall plan my next project with confidence rather than the trepidation and self doubt that went along with this one.

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