Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A wonderful Weekend!

Well the computer is up and running again hurray! Unfortunately the hard disk has had to be replaced and everything that was on the last one couldn't be recovered. I am trying hard not to think about all of the photos that have been lost or my years accounts. I have learnt my lesson and will always back up in the future.
I have just spent a wonderful weekend in Holmfirth on the Rowan Parent and Child weekend. I took four girls with me. my two girls Elenya 11 and Oriana nearly 6( I told my son Inigo that he would be the only boy and he decided against coming), my neice Esha 7 and my eldest Elenya's best friend Shannon. The oldest two learnt to knit with beads and crochet. The 7 year old persevered with her skills and made a bag. My youngest learnt to knit purl cast on cast off and make pom poms she is now the proud owner of a little purse and a pompom scarf. I made a little bag and I learnt something as well, thanks to the blue adt, how to knit toe up socks and how to knit two socks together. a technique I intend to put to use in the very near future.

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