Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bom bom bom byeeya we all stand together!

This is the latest baby quilt that I am working on and for obvious reasons all that is going through my head is Paul Mccartney's Frog chorus. I have three baby quilts to make before we go to Belgium. As there are yet more babies being born into the family. I love this fabric! It came from Walmart in Canada. My mum brought a piece back back several years ago, .
I actually loved it so much I then bought more on Ebay. I wanted originally to make clothes for the twins but they grew out of the design before I had time to cut anything out. I have about 5 metres of it so turning it into a quilt should deplete my fabric stocks a little. Anyway I was inspired to make kalidiscope frogs. .
It took several sessions to cut them all out several mistakes were made as it all had to be fussy cut. More than once I cut a frog out only to find it wasn't sitting exactly the same as its mates and because of that I had mucked up the frog next to it. I had counted them several times and I actually thought I was really clever sewing them all together on saturday.It was less complicated sewing them than I originally had thought. I just sewed a segment at a time until the circle was complete.

Everything was running perfectly until I realised I have only made 8 circles so will have to unpick one as I don't have a template. That is a job for next weekend I think The SSS is progressing slowly I finished clue 1 on Sunday night and promptly mucked up clue 2 Yesterday.

It is obviously destined to be a long slow project. Tonight I will tink back what I did yesterday. I have couple of mindless projects on the go one of which is a cute, little,bright red shrug curtesy of Ravelry which hopefully will be finished in the next day or two. I am not sure what I will wear it with but it's brilliant colour should fend off the winter gloom. I forgot to take a photo earlier and it is now far too dark to take any photo's roll on summer!
After saying I wouldn't buy any yarn until I had used some up I sucummed to this.!
It is an usual option for me neutrals. But I just love this yoked look and this is the nicest version I have seen and couldn't decide on something brighter as I feel a little bit jaded by my usual choice of colours. I really want to cast this on but I really should finish the Tilted Duster first or I know it is going to end up shelved which is a shame as the weather is definately cold enough for it

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