Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Very fetching

Oh I feel smug!Two pot luck pressies. ok so technically it is only one as I am unlikely to give them separately. It has been ages since I knit anything on 4mm and I had forgotten how pleasurable it is. I learnt on 4mm and they really are comfortable. The hat is slightly different from the pattern as I decided to keep the rib going until the bitter end which adds a bit more interest to the crown. I also have decided that knitting small things as a yarn to try it out is probably a good idea. I started out slightly sceptical about the DB Cashmerino, microfibre equates to synthetic in my mind.Which I really object to knitting in. It was lovely and sprongy to knit with but it snaged really easily and there was clumps that hadn't been spun properly. All forgivable on a small project but I am not sure I would be so happy if I had invested a cardigans worth. I will try it again though just to sure it wasn't just that batch as there are some lovely patterns for it that I just calling to me to knit.
The update on the Sss is not good. I got overconfident with the 0/ and ended up with not enough stitches so I am still on clue1 Urgh! I have however tinked back and should be able to carry on this time with the aid of stitch markers.


  1. Love the Fetching! I think you're onto a good idea, making a small project with a new yarn. :0)

  2. Very fetching indeed!!!! Lovely knitting. I haven't even started clue 3 of SSS yet.


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