Sunday, May 11, 2008

Finishing stuff off before starting the Rowan Exchange

Ok this week has been hard! I have my Rowan victim, I have my yarn and I know what I am making but I am forcing myself to finish some stuff before I cast on the gorgeous yumminess that is this years exchange.
The crochet bag (simply Knitting 2006) is done and I have to say I am pretty pleased with it I was finished by thursday which was great. The cotton was chosen to go with the lining which I think it does.

The original called for a picot edge all around the opening but, as I had done it in two colours I felt that was probably guilding the lily. I have given this one to my mum just the thing to take to the beach when we go to sunny Wales in August. I liked the pattern so much for this I might even get around to making me one.
My Ripple Scarf is done, it would I hasten to say have been done sooner but I ran out of kid silk for the edging and as I didn't know the name of the colour it took a little detective work before I could buy more.

Do you remember the purple crochet bag? well it was much loved and I got a wonderful thank you card from Ashleigh (some people are a pleasure to please)

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