Monday, May 05, 2008

Rowan Parent and Child weekend

I have just spent a wonderful weekend in Holmfirth with five great kids! Three of my own; my neice Esha and our friend Shannon. The projects given (an elephant or a bag/cushion) were a little ambitious for new or young knitters and many of the mums involved finished elephants over night. Esha is a die hard knitter and didn't move from her seat more than about twice a day over the whole weekend because of this her Amelia is complete.
This was Inigo's first real knitting and he needed a lot of help but he is pleased with how Maxy turned out. Oriana,
Elenya and Shannon are all making cushions the fronts are all sewn together (by the girls) and the delicious ice cream cottons are just what is needed for summer.
Needless to say with all this industry I didn't get much done myself. But I did invest in a couple of books. Young Rowan and Little Knits I am drawn to the crochet.
Speaking of Crochet........Well I think I am developing an obsession. My Ravelry queue has doubled in size. The loose knit group were making bags for April, my knitted one is languishing but my crochet one a pattern from Lets Knit is finished.
It is going to a little girl that I childmind,Ashleigh, as she fell in love with it as soon as she saw the magazine. She doesn't know that it is for her but has been very keen on it's progression as it is in her favourite colour purple. I have started another at the weekend this one is from an old simply knitting magazine

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