Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Peaks and Troughs

And we are not just talking mountains! The peaks have been that we just spent a week holidaying in Wales with my family. The weather wasn’t great but to be honest we go more for the peace and quiet than the weather. We stayed in a bungalow this time not far from Cader Idris. I have wanted to start the Helon Dress from Rowan 43 for quite a while but as I am not as confident in my crochet as in my knitting, I have kept putting it off. Even though I have had loads of encouragement from Chris including a sample of what it was supposed to look like! A week with nothing else to do seemed the best time to start. I have managed to complete the sleeves and have started the back. My confidence is growing and I am trying to finish it before the end of August.

A definate trough was that Whilst we were away I had a birthday:( I am having a bit of a crisis about being so old but, my mum spoilt me with a couple of books that I have been salivating over for a while a gorgeous totally impractical pair of shoes
and a delicious carrot cake. The books....Loop Vintage Crochet I saw when I did the crochet workshop at Rowan there are some gorgeous things in it. The Inspired to Knit is very inspirational and also looks like it might be stash busting which is always good!Though I am determined that I will finish my dress before starting anything else.She also whilst roaming Aberystwyth stopped to tie her shoe lace and fell into a wool shop. Now that is what I call taking your parental responsibilities seriously! claires wools It really is a lovely shop. The owner and staff were really friendly towards me and the hoard of children that I brought in. I bought some lovely green Aran yarn to make the February sweater. It made me really wish I had a LYS.
The other major thing (apart from getting older) which I can't quite decide on it's peak or trough status that has happened is that after nine years of studying with the Open University I have got my BSC(hons). It feels very strange not to be studying or deciding what I am going to study next as it has taken up a large chunk of my adult life. I probably won’t be going to a graduation ceremony as the closest is in London on a Friday morning not really conducive for conducting the school run!

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