Sunday, October 12, 2008

Being Industrious

A few months ago, BlueAdt and I signed ourselves and our off spring onto a Rowan Workshop which didn’t end up running. Rather than let everyone be disappointed, we decided to run one ourselves. Then BlueAdt suggested that maybe instead of a knitting workshop, we should hold a sewing one. I agreed enthusiastically. It was only when I put the phone down that I had the dawning realisation that there was only one person who could actually sew and that was me! On Friday I was still a little unsure as to whether or not I could actually get five novice sewers working around my dining room table but as you can see by the copious amounts of stuff produced we managed!
On Saturday Inigo decided he didn’t want to make a bag so Mario took him out to the armouries for the day. BlueAdt, DD , Elenya and Oriana all used the Rotary cutter, ruler and board to cut out the pieces needed to make a Simple Tote. DD

I didn’t think the instructions were all that great but it really was simple and everyone had finished their bags before dinner; a great big pile of delicious pancakes, made by Mario. After dinner and the kids had gone to bed BlueAdt took on her first quilting project which as it is a surprise for someone I can’t tell you too much about but lets just say we finished at 2.30 am and she is inspired to make more.
Today was cushion day. We had a quick trip out to buy cushion pads before we settled down to make cushions for our beds. Each child has made two or three cushions for their beds. Speed was of the essence so I did all of the cutting out and they sewed on the machines with their feet down for optimum speed.
I really enjoyed giving my first workshop and Elenya assures me that this was better than normal weekends and is already planning her next project. As for me I am going to sit down for a while with my knitting and a cup of tea. I am well ready for a rest!




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