Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two Handed Fair Isle

It has to be said I am an impatient knitter. Whenever I having needles in my hands I am desperate to get the next stitch, on to the next project The trouble with this approach is that when I am knitting fairisle regardless of how tangled my yarn,or how little space I have until a big knot I will try and drag yet another stitch off of my needle. I have even been known to snap the yarn either by accident as the strain on the yarn is too great or because I just cannot remove the knot. I have always completed my project but the results have been far from satisfactory. Friends and family have given me a wide bearth terrified by the manic gleam in my eye and my blood pressure goes through the roof. This time has been different, after watching several UTube videos I have tackled two handed fairisle. Fantastic! The yarn doesn't knot! I can speed to the next stitch. The result is a smooth fabric and the gleam has gone replaced by Inigo's happy smile.


  1. That hat is fantastic!! You give me hope that I might actually be able to make one also :o)

  2. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Very nice hat, great fairisle


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