Thursday, October 23, 2008

P.S yesterday I met Debbie Bliss.

This post is going to be slightly erratic. It was just going to be about Poppies and Rememberence Sunday. Every year I buy countless poppies that I have lost by the 11th. Last year I saw a knitted version and thought that it sounded like a really good idea one it was re usable...a huge safety pin would hinder the losing process. It was knitted so, a bit of fun and it took such a small amount of yarn it would stash bust the scrap pile. Well needless to say it looked like such a quick project I never got around to it. This year I was more organised. I bought my pattern from knit on the net at a bargain price of £2.00 all of which goes to the legion and cast on. I had made two in an afternoon. One for me and one for my mum. It is now sitting on the side waitng for huge safety pin.
Poppy making pales into insignificance next to the next thing that happened this week. J the LittleBlueTortoise and I went to Samual Taylors in Embsey. Last time they had been over there had been posters up advertising a visit by Debbie Bliss. I got my mum organised to pick the children up from school. Elenya was very dubious that I was actually going to meet her and demanded proof in the form of a signature or photo. I have to say I planned to ask her loads of pertinent questions but, she was so nice and funny that I forgot most of them. I did however, remember to ask about childrens' sizing. The answer if you knit for kids you want at least two years use out of your finished goods. Hence the generosity of the patterns but if indoubt measure your child as they usually go up rather than out! She told me she doesn't really read blogs as it is a bit like going into a room and people carry on talking about you. But, Debbie if you do pop in was a pleasure to meet you.

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