Monday, November 10, 2008

Two weeks of Immediate Gratification.

I really enjoyed the fact that the poppies were so quick to make up and as Oriana needed another glove I pulled out the pattern again and cast on. It wasn't until I had finished it and put a cord on that I realised that I had made a woman's glove instead of a child's.
Far too big for Oriana but,perfect for Elenya so then I made another two, one for Oriana and one woman's for Elenya. Everyone now has gloves anyone who loses them now does so on pain of death!
I was more than ready to knit me something and Verity by ysolda had been calling to me for a while.The idea of a hat that would used one of my grandmother's buttons really appealed to me. I had a ball of wool left from my ladies sweater that I had wanted to use but when I looked at the yardage I decided I probably didn't have enough so had bought two gorgeous hanks of Brigantia when I met debbie bliss.

I love the flower though the stitch used on the band took a lot of concentration at the start as I kept wanting to moss stitch.It was a super quick knit less than a day and it took less than a hank, leaving enough for a one skein scarf.I do love sets:)
A weekend spent knitting stuff for me was all it took to get me geared up to make Oriana's pirate hat. she has been told if she loses it that she will be in big trouble. I asked Inigo if I should nail it to her head. In all seriousness he replied that it would hurt it would be better to use super glue. I think he has watched Matilda a few too many times!
I finished it last thursday and thought as we were going away for the weekend another Verity with the original ball of yarn from the ladies sweater.

I really sweated this one finishing it with less than 30cm yarn left and was mulling over contingency plans as I came down the homeward stretch. If you are wondering why I would want two virtually identical hats...I don't I am giving the second one as a present.I have slowed down a bit last week casting on Woollywormhead mystery beret and starting scarves for the twins.

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