Monday, July 06, 2009

And they're off -Or day two

Well I had couple of days until the tour started with not much to do. So I cast on Tropicana, I bought the lovely silk at woolfest and although I had a couple of false starts I finally got my swing on Thursday. I had a long journey on friday evening and again yesterday and easily memorised pattern was perfect for this. I am really enjoying knitting it and in someways I am a little frustrated to be putting it down to start the Eyelet Chemise.Maybe I will sneak a few rows in everyday:)
I was away over the weekend so had a late start on the Eyelet Chemise. I cast on last night. Knitting in cotton after silk is a little bit of a shock to the fingers. Though the cotton has a lovely stitch definition and seems to knit up really quickly Which is very useful when it is pattern based on inches rather than rows!

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