Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Way back in the summer the Rowan winter popped through the letter box and I fell in love with stockport. I promised that I wouldn't start winter knitting until the 1st of Sept which I didnt' but then I knit like crazy.
We went to Flamingo land and I knit in the freezing cold whilst the rest of the family screamed on rides.
I knit in the car when the cold became too much.
I loved it when finished. The yarn is so soft it is like wearing a hug but it grew a bit after a couple of wearings. So I washed it. Thousands of bubbles emerged from the cocoon as soon as it hit the water and Stockport grew enormously! I nearly had a heart attack. When dry it did shrink back but it is still a little big in the neck.
I still really like it but I am unsure that the design plus the cocoon are really that flattering to anyone over a size 6. I have however seen it made up in a finer yarn which was gorgeous so maybe I will have to make it again.

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