Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hmmm Malabrigo - Just Bliss

It turns out that it is quite apt showing you Bliss IntSweMoDo2010#3 today, as I started it on the first of our snow days in January and as I write the first of february's snow is settling outside.
I was making the katherine Hepburn cardigan but I couldnt concentrate with the children running in and out of the house trailing snow as they went. I wanted a stash buster, something quick and most of all I wanted to make something cheerful. The four delicious green hanks of Malabrigo that I bought at Harrogate seemed like the perfect answer. Coupled with Bliss by Samia Buchan a pattern that I had been eying on Ravelry. It turns out that I only used 2.5 skeins so there will be another Malbrigo knit in my near future.
I struggled a bit with the pattern as it was charted more like a cross stitch than a knit and some of the wording was a little strange. I hated this at first but actually it was a good thing as it slowed me down a bit and I had to think about where the stitches were actually going rather than just mindlessly making them. The cables on this are beautiful, very celtic and the Malabrigo seems to make them pop. The combination of cables and the green I have visions of the Green Man hopefully hearalding spring in the not two distant future. Least I hope so as it is far too cold to wear yet.
Needles 4.5 mm
Yarn malbrigo worsted 2.5 Skeins
Time 23 days


  1. That is beautiful, and green as well. My favourite colour.
    Love all your projects!

  2. maybe a matching shrug? It looks nice and cozy!

  3. Oh that is such a good shade of green and all those gorgeous cables, it's lovely Arianwen.


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