Sunday, January 24, 2010

katherine Hepburn Cardigan

Many, many moons ago I saw a dress in the window of Monsoon. A red dress, a young dress, a brave dress ,a wow look at me dress. I wanted it. I hummed and hahed about the cost of it and then found it on Ebay for a fraction of the price. A few days later it arrived. Beautiful fit like a glove but, I suffered from nerves and self doubt. I am not young and brave and I don't want people to stare.
So the dress was folded and put in the cupboard and forgotten about. The red Rowan Cashsoft 4ply was in another cupboard for the same reason.In the new years resolution of cables and stash busting the red yarn was pulled from the stash and I cast on the the Katherine Hepburn Cardigan from Lace Style. The yarn felt great soft and warm but I was still a little undecided about the colour and I couldn't find any buttons in my local shop. Then I had an epiphany, vintage buttons on ebay.
Don't you love ebay? The buttons arrived and I knit faster. Then I was sat knitting at a friend's house and I remembered my dress. A perfect match. The cardigan is number two of my inswemodo2010 and it turned out really well. Am I brave enough to wear it?

Needles 3.755mm
Yarn Rowan Cashsoft 4py 5 balls
Time 16 days


  1. Beautifully done! I love it! :o)

  2. Of course you should it looks lovely!

  3. Fabulous! You really must wear it. It's such a lovely outfit and not over the top at all. It suits you very well. Sometimes it's good to let go of the ever-day-working-mums-outfit and wear something special ;-)

  4. outfit looks gorgeous and yes you are brave enough it suits you perfectly

  5. Oh yes, you must certainly find your bravery and wear it because it looks beautiful on you.

  6. Don't you dare not wear it ! You look gorgeous !

  7. That is an absolutely gorgeous combination! And the cardigan is smashing! I do hope that you wear it, even if it is just at home, when you want to brighten up your mood. And if you want to get a few admiring stares, you might venture to wear it outdoors!

  8. So pretty, please wear it!

    ps You have inspired me to start this pattern which has been in my folder of projects for ages ...


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