Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Time Marches On

Hello, I can't quite believe it, but another month has past. I have spent it temping, doing the domestic and surprise, surprise knitting. Though now I am writing this I realise I am a little short on photos. Oh well! I seem to need the knitting more when I am over stretched and tired. A little something for me when life is a little much. First up is Aaren by Kim Hargreaves. My mum bought me the yarn for this last year for my birthday. The photo's don't do the colour justice it is a lovely rich plum colour.
Aaren Take Two
My last Aaren is white - I love it but was a little disapointed that mine didnt ever seem as long as the models in the book so this time I have extended it and knitted it in the round so that I can try it on. There are two more diamonds before the waist shaping. It was all going very well until I realised I had mucked up the central cable over the tummy so really obvious so I had to rip a big chunk out. It is back on target now and I am nearly to the armpits.
Aaren is a little too complicated to carry around with me so I thought I would knit something for Inigo. I asked him what he would like and I got an instant response of a Harry Potter Sweater. As he is avidly reading each of the books in turn and quoting spells at me I wasn't surprised. I got the yarn and pattern on line from the New Lanark Mill. Apparently it is the original which is strange as I always thought the letter gold rather than beige though I actually think this is better - a bit more masculine. It is quite rough/ rugged. I have finished the back a mindless stocking stitch that can be done when standing outside classrooms.I started the arms earlier and I am hopeful it is going to make a lovely warm sweater.
Anyway I have a few more hectic days and then we are to half term yippeee - a few more hours to myself and maybe I will have a Ta-Dah moment or two:)
Enjoy your weekend

Arianwen xx

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