Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh lovely weekend.

well tomorrow is back to everything. It kind of makes me sad when I realise how few school holidays there actually are left with my children. Elenya pointed out, at dinner, that she only has 24 more weeks at school. How did that happen? How did she get so big? We have had a lovely weekend though with lots of very special friends.
I decided on Friday that I needed a quick midless knitting project that could be done between chatting and wine drinking and wandering around Bretton Sculpture Park. I chose Knotty but Nice as I had a lone ball of cascade 220 calling to me from my knitting basket. It actually isn't for Mario though he was a good enough sport to model it, though it kind of suits him so he might get one for xmas shhhhh! Dont tell him!

A Hat For Matt

I would have been quite happy just to have finished that but it gets better. My BF's eldest was transfixed so I asked her if she wanted to learn. A trip to my LYS on Friday morning for provisions and the yarn and needles were stashed away until we could get a quiet moment. Oriana, Elenya and DMAB cast on this morning and all three had a mitten before it was time to go home.

Knitters of the future.

Another knitter joins the ranks, even her mother was inspired, and it made for a perfect end to a lovely weekend. I hope yours was as good.

Arianwen xxx

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