Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Looking Backwards and Forwards

Hello my lovelies, well it doesn't seem possible but after climbing over the Christmas tree for several weeks it is finally over. 2011 is finished and it is time to look forward to the possiblities that 2012 might be going to offer.2011 for me was hectic, stressful and towards the end quite disapointing. However I did get a lot of knitting done. There is nothing like blogging to help you keep track of your accompishments.

1. NaNaas socks, 2. Go Go's on the bus socks, 3. Nobel Cowl, 4. Elenya's Birthday Liesl, 5. Bird house, 6. Winterberries, 7. Rama, 8. Spring Crocus, 9. Looks like Martha to me!, 10. Audrey in Unst, 11. SWEATER AND BONNET, 12. Simple City, 13. Abi, 14. Ishbel, 15. Christmas Thistle, 16. Miette, 17. Crochet Cushion, 18. Creature Comforts, 19. Opal, 20. Lady Cythera, 21. Aaren, 22. Vaire, 23. It's not Harry's it's mine!, 24. Emilia's Quilt, 25. A Hat For Matt, 26. Back to School, 27. Back to School, 28. I love sleeping in the wet!, 29. Granny Tissooo, 30. Liesel, 31. Tidal, 32. Esha's Rama, 33. Crochet Cushion, 34. Audrey in April, 35. Habitat, 36. Hopsalot
This year looks like it is going to be equally rollercoaster like so I have decided what I need for 2012 is a plan of action. For the knitting, at least, mainly so that I can use up my stash whip the wips and try and stay focused on what I want to make rather than being swayed by all of the wonderful projects that I see on Ravlery. This is what I have so far.
Baby Cables big ones too
Paper dolls
Noyeaux, Logan and Acer are already on the needles. Logan and Acer being what I cast on for Christmas (I couldn't decide. I am thinking 12 hats and 12 shawls too but that might be a little ambitious what do you think? I will look back at the end of the year and see what I came up with.
Happy New year
Arianwen xx

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