Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Grey Days

well you can certainly tell it is Easter in my neck of the woods. Cold, grey and raining. The heating has kicked in and we are huddled up inside. The children have had friends to stay both Sunday and Monday night so the house if full of extra childish laughter drifting down the stairs.They are of an age now that they don't need very much intervention from me so I am tucked up on the sofa knitting.Emile Emilie, such a cute little cardigan, she has been my constant companion on the bus for the last few weeks. I bought the yarn Fybrespates Scrumtious, at woolfest last summer, for the specific purpose of making Emilie. The colour is wild! Rich, ginger, gold, the colour of tabby cats. It is not one I would normally wear but I just couldn't resist and I am glad I didn't as it is really lifting my spirits and making me happy.Emile I am onto the sleeves now. They are knit in the round from the sleeve head down so nice and theraputic especially as there isn't going to be any sewing up!
Enjoy your day

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