Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Nearly there!

So are you feeling festive? I am ! We haven't got a tree yet but the advent calenders are hanging, lights in windows are sparkling and all of my little reindeer are racing around the yokes of my sweaters. Yep,I can't quite believe it but I am nearly finished, Three Christmas sweaters! I must admit the six sleeves was a bit of a struggle, by the last one I was definitely slowing down.

I was knitting merrily away on Sunday morning fixing the last of the last of the sleeves to the bodies and M finally asked how many sweaters I was actually making. I had assumed that he had realised that amount of yarn in a basket would make a lot of sweaters! Indeed I pretty much have enough for another very stripey sweater for me not that I think I want a stripey sweater but you get the idea.

I just love these little reindeer don't you? They are so cheerful and I can't wait to give you a proper look at the sweaters at the weekend just after everyone has tried them on.

Enjoy the rest of your week
A x

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