Sunday, July 10, 2016


Well the last couple of weeks have been interesting! The two unfinished dresses in the picture have both had a traumatic start!
I started both of them in early June in the same weekend which was a little bit ambitious but I was enjoying myself and both being sewn in white thread I was certain I could get it all done in a weekend ... Ha!
Friends and kids needed things and I ended up stuffing both projects ( in bits )in a bag in the dining room . They were going to be left for a week , and I would get back to them . Best laid plans and all that!

A poor little magpie baby fell down the chimney, not only could it not be saved but it brought decades of soot down the chimney. Bags and bags of it! It covered everything,every surface, every book , my sewing machine and my sewing projects . It has taken about two weeks to get rid of the soot. The dresses were temporarily sewn together( yuk what a filthy job) and chucked in the washing machine. Luckily all of the soot has gone but so have all of the markings. They just don't seem as exciting anymore and I can't quite bring myself to pick them up again. 

Till next time A x

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